Failing Health

God does NOT use health and sickness as a reward and punishment!

Why is it happening to you?

While good health is very much related to diet, lifestyle, and our own attitude, not all disease is a condition we have control over.

Example of Job: "So Satan left the Lord's presence, and he struck Job with terrible boils from head to foot." Job 2:7, NLT. Boils are a terrible skin condition that is caused by bacteria. But Job did not do anything to 'contract' this disease. The Bible tells us that Satan has some control over disease as far as inflicting it on us. Not really surprising. If man can utilize germ warfare wouldn't a being 1000's of years older than us have that intelligence?

If you find yourself or a loved one sick with no explanation other than genetics or strange circumstances fear not. God is not in the business of punishing people. Christ came to save us - physically and spiritually. The promised resurrection is promise of that. Jesus healed everyone that asked and never refused a soul. Some He did say "your sins are forgiven" because they were guilt ridden, "All have sinned" or their sin did cause their disease (see lifestyle). But the people of Jesus day were so steeped in the belief that you only got sick if you did something wrong they had trouble with His healing 'everyone'.

God does NOT punish us using health as a means of torture. Most disease is a direct or indirect result of our choices or our ancestors choices. It is a consequence of sin. Consequences are not the same as punishments!

Terminal Illness and Faith Healing

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