Discovering scriptures for feeling down, blue, or unhappy.


Depression takes many forms. We can feel sad, down, worthless, hopeless, inadequate, or all the above. This study is not meant as a standalone. Learn and embrace truth and healthy thinking for deeper healing. For more see: Hardship/Suffering, Grief/Sadness, Worthlessness, and Hopelessness, Hurt, Mental Health, and Strength/Courage COMING SOON. See also 2MCP ch 52.

God notices and records our misery    Ps 56:8
You are not alone, Christ experienced Lk 22:44; DA 694.1
It is realistic, stuff doesn’t bring joy      Ecc 2:1-11
God draws near when we feel broken Psalm 34:18
Overwhelmed by trouble, rejected by God          Ps 88:1-3, 6-7
We can’t be out of God’s presence      Ps 139:7-12
Life is unfair           Jer 12:1
Things of this world don’t help you feel better         Ecc 1:3-4, 8
If we focus on circum. we can get NT  1 Sam 17:24; PP 645
Goliath was formidable, seem impossible           1 Sam 17:4, 8
Dwelling on circumstances led to despair           1 Sam 17:11
David not in despair, he trusted in God              1 Sam 17:37
Circumstances don’t cause anxiety/dep.             Rev 2:10
Even in physical pain, troubles            2 Cor 4:16-18; AA363.1
Noting can separate us from God        Rom 8:35
Sometimes our guilt plagues us           Ps 40:12-13
Keep our eyes on the Lord   Ps 16:8
Joy in trusting God Ps 28:7-8
In trying moments, God is still in control             Ps 118:13-14
We can always go to God for refuge   Ps 71:1-4
Singing and song   Ps 59:16-17
Paul, while in prison, focused on gratitude         Phil 1:12-14,18; CH 392.2

Move forward till you reach God, He’s here now            1 Kn 19:3-8; PK 161
Optional, A prayer of for trial & pain     Ps 5
DP End