What happens when you die?

Review:  Last lesson, we discovered heaven is the ultimate in health and wellness.

INTRODUCTION:  This week, we will discover what happens to a person when they die.

De-1          Does our thinking process continue after death?  Ecclesiastes 9:5,6
                  1.     The living know that they will eventually die.
                  2.     The dead know nothing.  They have no more reward, love, hatred, envy nor a portion of anything, for the memory of them is forgotten.

De-2          Where does man go when he dies? Ecclesiastes 12:7
                  1.     The dust returns to the earth.
                  2.     Ecclesiastes 3:20 says that all are of the dust and all return to dust.
                  3.     The Spirit - breath, or life producing agencies returns to God.  Job 27:3
                  4.     Thus, death is the reverse of the creation process spoken of in Genesis 2:7.  At creation, God formed man of  the dust and breathed into him the breath of life.  This combination became a living soul of being.

De-3          What other characteristics are associated with death.  Psalms 146:4
                  1.     His breath goes forth.
                  2.     He returns to the earth.
                  3.     That very day his thoughts perish.
                  4.     Psalms 6:5 says that in death there is no remembrance.
                  5.     Psalms 115:17:  The dead do not praise, they are silent.

De-4          What was David's condition at Pentecost, about a thousand years after his death?  Acts 2:29,34
                  1.     He was dead in his sepulcher.
                  2.     Had not ascended into heaven.

De-5          What did David believe would happen at death?  Psalms 17:15
                  1.     David recognized that he would not go immediately to heaven.
                  2.     He would awake in Christ's likeness at the resurrection.

De-6          What happens at the second coming of Jesus?  I Thess 4:16,17
                  1.     The righteous are resurrected.
                  2.     Jesus gathers together from this earth the righteous dead and righteous living.
                  3.     We will be caught up to meet Him in the air.
                  4.     We will always be with Him.

De-7          How many resurrections are there?  John 5:28,29
                  1.     The resurrection of life.
                  2.     The resurrection of damnation.

De-8          Do we have a choice in which resurrection we will have a part?  John 6:40
                  1.     Yes, we can choose to believe on Jesus and have everlasting life.

The choice is ours! What is our choice? Are there things we can do in accepting Christ and believing on Him?

PREVIEW: Next lesson, what about hell? Don't the wicked burn forever?