The ultimate healthy place.

Review:  Last lesson, we discovered that Jesus’ Second Coming was visible and literal and at His coming He will change our bodies.

INTRODUCTION:  This lesson, we will discover some interesting facts about heaven and the new earth.

H-1            What exciting changes does Jesus provide? Rev 21:4
                  1.     No more death, tears, sorrow, crying, or pain.

H-2            What are some of the blessings we will enjoy?  Isaiah 65:17, 21-25
                  1.     Heavens and the earth will be recreated.
                  2.     We won't remember the former things.
                  3.     We will build and inhabit, we will plant and eat.
                  4.     We will enjoy the work of our hands; we will not labor in vain.
                  5.     There will be no destruction or danger.

H-3            What is the Holy City, The New Jerusalem, like?  Rev 21:10-23
                  1.     Full of the glory of God.
                  2.     Brilliant and beautiful; fresh from the divine architect’s hand.
                  3.     Room for everyone.
                  4.     The Father and the Son dwell with us there.

H-4            How does the New Earth compare with what we have today?
                  I Corinthians 2:9
                  1.     We can't imagine the things God is preparing for us.
                  2.     They are beyond comprehension, imagination, or description.

H-5            Will we know each other in heaven?  John 20:11-16, 25-28
                  1.     Mary recognized the resurrected Jesus by his voice.
                  2.     Thomas recognized Jesus by his appearance.

H-6            Will we recognize people only by voice and appearance?  Matt 17:3,4   The disciples recognized Moses and Elijah at the transfiguration.  They recognized these Bible characters by their speech and actions as a result of studying God's word and history.

H-7            Our minds can comprehend so little and forget so fast.  Will this condition improve in heaven?  I Cor 13:12   We shall see through the mysteries of this life as God knows us now.

H-8            If God is offering all this to us, there must be some basis upon which individuals will be granted all of these blessings!  John 1:12   If we are willing to receive Him in our lives, we are enabled to become sons, and daughters, or heirs, of God.

God is offering us something much better than we have now.  Are we willing to allow Him first place in our lives, so he can reclaim us as His children?

PREVIEWNext lesson, we will discover what happens when we die if heaven is waiting for Jesus to bring us home.