The Secong Coming

The end of the world as we know it.

ReviewLast lesson, we looked at some signs, as foretold in God's word, that would help us to know that Christ's coming is near.

INTRODUCTION:  This lesson, we will discover that His Second Coming is visible and literal.

SC-1          Who is Christ coming for?  And why is He coming?  Heb 9:28
                  1.     He comes for those who look for Him.
                  2.     He brings salvation.

SC-2          Why is Jesus coming back again?  John 14:1-3
                  1.     To take us to be with Him.
                  2.     In mansions He has prepared.
                  3.     To keep a promise He gave us.

SC-3          Did he, in fact, go?  Acts 1:9-11
                  1.     Christ went in a cloud, He will return in the same way.
                  2.     The disciples saw Christ go, He will return the same way.
                  3.     The same Jesus the disciples knew and loved will return.

SC-4          What was Jesus like when He went to heaven?  Luke 24:36-43
                  1.     Notice this is after the resurrection.
                  2.     He was a real being, He could be touched.
                  3.     John 20:27,  Christ asked Thomas to touch His side.
                  4.     A spirit can't be touched.
                  5.     He had human needs-He was hungry, and He ate.

SC-5          Is His coming secret?  Rev 1:7
                  1.     He comes with clouds (Matt 25:31).  All His angels come with Him.
                  2.     Every eye shall see Him.  It's no secret.  (Luke 17:24)
                  3.     People on earth will wail.  Why?  Because they are unprepared.

SC-6          What happens to the unprepared (wicked)?  Rev 6:15-17
                  1.     All are affected by His coming.
                  2.     The wicked hide and ask for a rock slide to cover them.
                  3.     (Ps 68:2) Wicked perish at His coming!
                  4.     Who shall be able to stand?  Vs. 17

SC-7          What happens to those who are prepared (Righteous)?  I Thess 4:16,17
                  1.     Righteous dead rise first. (But I thought they were in heaven? We'll study that soon.)
                  2.     Righteous living are gathered with the resurrected righteous into the air.  (Matt 24:31)
                  3.     We will always be with Christ.

SC-8          Where do we go?  What body change takes place? Philippians 3:20,21
                  1.     Our citizenship is in heaven.
                  2.     Our polluted bodies will be changed like Christ's.  (1 Cor 15:51-54)

Heaven is cheap, isn't it?  If we allow Him to change us now He offers us a place in His eternal kingdom, where we will not get sick, or die.

PreviewNext lesson, we discover good news about His eternal kingdom and where we will live with Him, through eternity.