The Law & Grace

How they work as a whole.

ReviewLast lesson, we discovered Jesus is our High Priest and ready to wash away our sins.

INTRODUCTION:  This lesson, we shall see the connection between law and grace and why Jesus needed to die then be our priest.

LG-1         What part does the law play in the Christian experience?  James 2:8-12
                  1.     James is talking about the Ten Commandments - vs 11 cites the seventh and the sixth commandments.
                  2.     Evidently, the commandments were not done away with, because this was written around A.D. 60 - twenty-nine years after the cross.
                  3.     If we break one, we are guilty of breaking them all.  It is necessary then, by God's grace, to keep all ten of the commandments.
                  4.     We are judged by this law, called the law of liberty.  The person who keeps Gods law is free of the penalty.

LG-2         How long was God's law to endure?  Psalm 89:34
                  1.     Christ will not break His covenant or alter the things He has spoken.
                  2.     The law was the only thing God spoke from heaven directly to His people.
                  3.     The psalmist declares (Psalms 111:7,8) that all His commandments are sure.  They stand forever.

LG-3         How do we know what sin is?  What are the results of sin?  I John 3:4
                  1.     If we sin, we transgress the law.
                  2.     Sin is the transgression of the law.  Therefore, violation of any of the Ten Commandments is sin.
                  3.     We are told in Romans 4:15 that where there is no law, there is no sin.  Therefore, we can sin only if there is a law.
                  4.     The wages of sin is death.  Romans 6:23

LG.-4        How does grace fit into the picture?  Romans 6:14,1 Grace gives us no right to transgress any part of the law.  Rather, we need grace only when we break the law.

LG.-5        What does faith, or grace, do to the law?  Romans 3:31  Faith, or grace, does not make void the law but establishes it because if we didn't have the law we would NOT need grace.

LG.-6        What, then, is the purpose of the Law?  Galatians 3:24
                  1.     The law is our schoolmaster.
                  2.     The law brings us to Christ so that we might be justified by faith.

LG.-7        Let’s look at an example of the grace of Christ.  John 8:3-5,10,11
                  1.     The woman, taken in adultery, was condemned to death by the law.
                  2.     Christ pardoned her by showing unmerited favor, which is grace.
                        a)    She entered Christ's presence under the law.
                        b)    She left His presence under grace.
                  3.     Even though she was under grace, Christ told her, "Go, and sin no more."

LG-8         We don't 'keep' the law to be saved. We keep the law because we love God. Jn 14:15

LG-9        Revelation 12:17 says that commandment keeping is a mark of the "remnant" of GOD'S last day people. Rev 14:12

LG-10       We can't obey on our own. When we obey it is ONLY because Christ lives in us and all the glory and praise is His. He writes His law in our hearts. Obedience does not save us rather it is possible to obey because we are saved. Hew 8:10; Ps 40:8; Phil 4:13

SUMMARY: Christ offers His grace to each of us because we have broken the Law.  Will we accept His grace?

PREVIEW: A day of rest and relationship. God want's to share a special time with you for your health, both physical and mental.