Bible Studies - God's Love

The God of the Bible believes in Ultimate FREEDOM!

Review:  Last lesson, we learned that Scriptures couldn not be 'faked'. That the prophecies written hundreds of years before the event are solid and substantial.

INTRODUCTION:  Today we want to see who God really is and demonstrate God values freedom as part of His love.

GL-1      Eternal God. Ps 90:2

GL-2      All Powerful God. Dan 2:20-21

GL-3      Only He can see the future and can reveal it. IS 45:21

GL-4      Creator. Ps 33:6, 9 & Gen 1:1

GL-5      Loves us. 1 jn 4:8

GL-6      Draws us with love. Jer 31:3

GL-7      So where did pain, sin, and evil come from? Matt 13:24-28 An enemy has done this.

GL-8      Who is this enemy and where did he come from? Ez 28:12-17 Lucifer was perfect but had the freedom to choose his own ideas over Gods.

GL-9      Lucifer desire to exalt his throne above Gods. Is 14:12-14

GL-10    War broke out in heaven because his ways were not in harmony with love which is self-denying not exaulting. Rev 12:7-9

GL-11    Lucifer or Satan was cast out of heaven. Lk 10:18 God had to allow Satan time to reveal how evil his ideas were. They seemed small, harmless but now we see the fruit of his ideas. The results of sin.

GL-12    Satan led Adam and Eve to sin. Gen 1:27-31 & Gen 3:1-7

GL-13    Sin changed our nature and stoled our freedom to be only love, good, and pure. Jer 17:9; Rom 5:12: 6:16; 2 Timothy 2:26

GL-14    Jesus redeemed Adam's failure. Rom 5:17-19

GL-15    Satan will eventually be destroyed once everyone has had the opportunity to choose and to prove God's love includes freedom, justice, and is the ONLY complete source of peace and happiness. Ez 28:17, 18; Joshua 24:15; Jn 8:24


Our God values freedom and loved us so much He sent His son to die for our sins to give us BACK the freedom we lost through Adam. Freedom over sin, freedom to choose right over wrong, and yes to even choose wrong over right.

PREVIEW:  Next lesson we will look at Christ our Messiah and who exaltly was he?