Prophecy to Prove God's Word

Proving the Bible is for real and can be trusted.

Review:  Last lesson, we learned that all the Scriptures are inspired by God and that they reveal the plan of Salvation through Christ as well as how to live our lives.

INTRODUCTION:  In this lesson we want to prove that the Bible is authentic and can be trusted otherwise why bother with an old book so many have misunderstood.

D2-1      What guidance may be obtained from a study of the Scriptures?  Psalm 119:105
                  1.     God's word illuminates the Christian's pathway.

D2-2            What has God given man to guide him in life's walk.  II Peter 1:19
                  1.     We do well to heed the sure word of prophecy.
                  2.     Prophecy is as a light in a dark place.
                  3.     It helps illuminate our under-standing.

D2-3            How does God communicate His secrets to mankind?  Amos 3:7
                  1.     God reveals His secrets to his servants, the prophets.

D2-4            Which book did Jesus tell his followers to read and understand?  Matthew 24:15
                  1.     Jesus says it is important to read and understand the book of Daniel.

D2-5            Why should this book interest us?  Daniel 2:28
                  1.     Because Daniel describes the latter days - the time just before the end of time.

D2-6            Let’s take a closer look into history.  Daniel 2:3-5, 31-35, 36-45.
                  1.     King Nebuchadnezzar could not remember his dream.
                  2.     Daniel revealed the dream.  An image with a head of gold; breast and arms of silver, belly and thighs of brass, legs of iron, feet partly of iron and partly of clay.
                  3.   Daniel interpreted the dream:
                        a)    Babylon the head of gold (vs 38) was the world power from 605‑539 B.C.
                        b)    Babylon was followed by three world empires; each inferior:
                                Medo Persia from 539-331 B.C.;
                                Greece from 331-168 B.C.;
                                Rome from 168 B.C. - 476 A.D.;
                        c)     Since 476 A.D., various powers have been partly strong and partly broken.
                  4.     This prophecy teaches us that there will be four universal Kingdoms.  Then there would be various powers; some strong some weak.  Then God will set up his Kingdom, which will stand forever.

D2-7            When will this prophecy reach its fulfillment?  Matthew 25:31
                  1.     This prophecy is fulfilled when Christ comes the second time.

D2-8            Who only will enter the Kingdom of God?  Matthew 7:21
                  1.     Not everyone who professes Christianity will be saved.
                  2.     Only those who obey God will enter His Kingdom.

Just as surely as the four universal Kingdoms came to pass; just as the fourth Kingdom was split into many Kingdoms, some strong, some weak; we can have certainty that God's everlasting Kingdom will also be set up. I want to be a part of the Kingdom, don't you?

PREVIEW:  We will look at even more amazing prophecies in upcoming lessons that continue to validate the Bible's authenticity. BUT next lesson we will look at what God is like. Hollywood portrays force as a design of evil and freedom 'AT ALL COSTS' is a common theme in many action movies. Does the God of the Bible offer freedom?