A foundation for what the Bible is and how to study it.

The first lesson in this series is understanding what the Bible is.

B 1            What is the purpose of the Scriptures?  II Timothy 3:15,16
                  1.     Scriptures make us wise unto salvation through Jesus Christ.
                  2.     All Scripture is inspired of God.

B-2            Who wrote the Scriptures?  II Peter 1:21
                  1.     Holy men of God wrote the Scriptures.
                  2.     These men spoke as they were moved by the Holy Spirit.
B-3            How are we advised to study Scripture?  Isaiah 28:10
                  1.     Precept upon precept, line upon line, here a little, there a little.
                  2.     Compare scripture with scripture.

B-4            How long does God's word endure?  I Peter 1:25 God's word endures forever.

B-5            Why were scriptures written?  II Timothy 2:15  For salvation and

B-6            to give us hope. Rom 15:4

B-7            Of whom do the Scriptures testify?  John 5:39
                  1.     They testify of Jesus.
                  2.     By accepting the Christ of the Scriptures we receive eternal life.

B-8            What does God promise us if we obey His will?  John 7:17 If we surrender to His will, we shall know which doctrines are from God and which are from men.

B-9            True from the begining. Ps 119:160

B-10          Eternal. Matt 24:35

B-11          Truth. Jn 17:17

We can know what God would have us do if we will study and then follow His Word.

PREVIEW: Next lesson shows how we can really trust the Bible as an accurate book beyond any book that ever existed because everything predicted has come true.