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We want you to have more abundant living.

This website is overseen by a life coach and nutritional counselor who's a Bible based Christian for over 35 years.

This website was developed as a tool for those researching what God has to say about health, through the Bible and God's second book - Nature. Using science and the Bible together builds a solid base for understanding health and the human body. IF they ever differ scripture is taken as the greater authority, but we have discovered data is rarely conflictly. When there is an apparent discrepancy usually it is due to an interpretation of the data, thus we need to add common sense and expericence.

Pick the tools that work for you, no obligations, no sales pitches, no pushing religion! (You can choose Bible Studies or not, we respect your beliefs.)

We also offer in home Bible Studies, available in the East Kootenays (Creston to Sparwood to Invermere), email: angela@higherpath.ca

To read the biography on Angela Poch, RPC-C, CN, author of this website, click the link below.



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Health Materials

Video courses, free cookbooks, food allergies, nutrition, and much more...

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Seminars and workshops in person or online, lots of topics available...

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YouTube Channel

Bite sized videos on mental health, spirituality, and much more coming soon...

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