Bible Studies

A Bible marking series that covers Health for the whole soul!

Bible Marking Series you can do at home!

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Research shows having faith is most helpful for mental and even physical well being see the videos here for more. That is why we've added some personal growth, faith building, and other Bible studies to this website on health.

Bible study can be done in many different ways. We've decided to share with you a Bible marking series that has an emphasis on health and mental wholeness. We start by establishing the authority of scripture then touch on God's love for us and how to be saved. We also cover some topics that have caused confusion and even a few people to lose hope and their minds. Each study has a Bible reference for you to look up and then record the following text so you can go back anytime to your Bible ALONE and study what God has to say. I have purposely NOT added the actual Bible text for it is vital you open God's word yourself. And PLEASE always pray before opening God's word. Lack of surrender to WHATEVER truth God wants you to learn is the primary reason there are so many different Christian religions. If you are not open you will not learn new things.


Practical Bible Studies

The following Bible Studies are 'stand-alones' you don't need any previous Bible markings and you can do them in any order:

HEALTHFUL LIVING (HL) - 1 Corinthians 10:31 - The cornerstone of this website.
SALVATION (S) - 1 Jn 4:8, 9 - How can we be saved?
PRAYER (PR) - Luke 11:13 - How to develop a healthy relationship with God.
INCREASE YOUR FAITH (IF) - Hebrews 11:1 - How to strengthen the most important aspect of your walk with God
PROMISES FOR LIFE (PL) - Bible promises you can count on in all situations.
FACING FEAR (FF) - coming soon -
LONELINESS (L) - coming soon
HEALING HURT (HH) - coming soon
DEALING WITH GRIEF (DG) - coming soon
LOW SELF ESTEEM (LS) - coming soon


More Bible studies below!

It is ideal to start at the beginning of this Bible marking series and work your way through each one in order. Each topic has a letter assigned to it. Simply write the list below in the back of your Bible along with the first text for each lesson. When doing the lesson write the 'next' Bible verse reference in the margin of your Bible beside the last text. It will end of as a chain you can easily reference by looking up the first verse. (You can do this for the above studies as well.)

THE BIBLE (B) - II Timothy 3:15,16 - A foundation for what the Bible is and how to study it.
DANIEL 2: Prophecy Proof (D2) - Psalm 119:105 - Proving the Bible is for real.
GOD'S LOVE (GL) - Ps 90:2 - God's love and the cost of ultimate freedom of choice.
CHRIST THE MESSIAH (CM) - Malachi 3:1 - Prophecies to prove Jesus is our Saviour and who He was.
2300 DAYS (TTD) - Amos 3:7 - A Bible prediction that spans into this century.
2300 DAYS - Part 2 (JHP) - Daniel 8:14 - Jesus Our High Priest
LAW AND GRACE (LG) - James 2:8-12 - How they work as a whole.
A DAY OF REST (DR) - Revelation 1:10 - God wants to develop a relationship with us.
SIGNS OF THE SECOND COMING (SSC) - Luke 21:11 - Yes, Jesus is coming soon and there is proof.
SECOND COMING (SC) - Heb 9:28 - The end of the world as we know it.
HEAVEN (H) - Rev 21:4 - The ultimate healthy place.
DEATH (DE) - Ecclesiastes 9:5,6 - What happens when you die?
PUNISHMENT (PW) - Romans 6:23 - What happens to those who don't get to heaven?
HELL (HE) - II Peter 2:4,9 - Don't the wicked burn forever?

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